Bathrooms are typically one of the busiest rooms in an entire household. Because of this, bathrooms need to function properly and merge practicality with aesthetics. Ashton Built is able to bring your stylish vision to life to improve your bathroom. From bathroom remodeling to complete builds we have the team to get the job done. 

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What’s Involved with building a Bathroom?


The Process

While your bathroom might be one of the smaller rooms in your home, there is a lot involved in bathroom design. Because of this, the company maintains proper communication to ensure the entire process is fully understood.

The entire process is made to be as stress-free as possible. All the way from the initial consultation to the last touch-ups, you will have peace of mind knowing what’s going on at every stage. The company will work to make sure that all of the necessary materials and fixtures are fully made available. If any item has long lead times associated with them the team will work around the estimated delivery date in order to ensure the entire project isn’t delayed because of it. 

The demolition is likely to be very dusty and messy by default. Because of this, the team will lay down appropriate heavy-duty mats and dust proof plastic barriers with accessible doors if necessary in order to provide ample protection to the floors and to limit the spread of any debris. They will also clean up everything at the end of each workday. There is superb attention to detail at the point of the fixture installation. Members of the team will ensure that each fixture is properly aligned and that every little detail of the process is met. 


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The professional team at Aston Built strives to leave each and every client with the most stylish and aesthetically pleasing bathrooms that they are in love with. The company fully stands behind all of their work and clients get a comprehensive warranty for each bathroom renovation completed in Los Angeles. Contact Aston Built to get full details on the warranty. If you want more information, read about our services and review our gallery for examples of our work. Aston Built has a passion for constructing bathrooms our clients will love. Contact us today to get started on designing and building out your dream bathroom remodeling or build. 

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